WI meetings

Mental health awareness

Members gathered  for the social event of the Williows WI Sale at the Sale Rugby Club on a beautiful Evening in May – looking forward to another evening conversation with friends, and mouth- watering cakes from the Willows Bakery! Together with an interesting presentation from one of our own members – it doesn’t get much better!

Mental Health Awareness; Speaker –  Angela Holt

The subject of mental health is a constant source of  conversation and at times discovery, as mental health can be found in many aspects of our society under the headings of loneliness; depression; eating disorders – just to name a few. Angela Holt , a member of the Willows WI outlined the many areas of this subject with the experience of her own practice and understanding. It was found  that  60% of the meeting had some experience of mental health issues in the 21st century of high powered speed and expectations.

The barrier to understanding the issues is often lack of knowledge – anxiety- embarrassment and training. With a lack of available resources and trained providers – we, the public need to be more aware of how our friends and families could be under stress.

Angela was empathetic to the need for understanding and positive attention from the public when observing the above mentioned outline – members found speaking about such experiences  brought a feeling of relief. A greater part of the presentation was discussing attitudes of recognising and accepting the problem – plus public reaction.

The meeting expressed appreciation to Angela – our member –  for sharing her experience and knowledge on this very personal subject.

Marie Dixon