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Easter arts and crafts

The Willows WI had their Easter social meeting on Wednesday 26th March at the Sale Rugby Club with an Easter Arts and Crafts theme.  There was evidence of activity, interest and much enjoyment. Many members agreed that the evening encouraged their creativity and they found great pleasure in their results. An abundance of felt flower brooches and attractive Easter wreaths of several sizes and colours were soon on display It was a most enjoyable evening!!

A beautiful wreath, crafted by Samantha Eisen

Sixty members attended and as usual, some delicious baked refreshments were provided by the members. A fun raffle with some great prizes added to the informal atmosphere of the evening and the meeting ended around 9.15pm.

The next Social Meeting will be Wednesday 25th April 2018.
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Marie Dixon

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Tax, care and toy boys

by Marie Dixon

On a bleak and cold winter’s evening, when most people stayed indoors, the members of The Willows WI Sale faced the elements and attended the social evening as planned. The President Kerry and the committee gave a warming welcome, followed by an outline of evening, information about new sub-groups to join, and the promise of a visit to the Lowry to see ‘Calendar Girls’. The food bank collection at our last meeting was enormous and well-received, and thanks were given to all who contributed for their generosity.

The speaker for the evening was Matthew Martin of Urmston – an experienced and informative presenter. His talk ‘Tax, Care, and Toy Boys’ featured the subject the making of wills and all of the ramifications – and how this could apply to younger people as well as the older generation. He noted that the Willows WI was quite a young group of ladies but advised that the subject of funeral planning, power of Attorney and all associated ideas were a most important feature in our current lives.

He explained the tax situations and how to get the best results – how to handle care homes where necessary, and how a lifestyle that involved a change of partner and the involvement of extended families could create many unforeseen problems. He explained ways to avoid this in a simple uncomplicated manner.

The members showed great appreciation and welcomed the information even if was for future years.

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Christmas crafting and sign-up meeting

by Sue Robinson

22nd November was approached with a considerable degree of trepidation by the fledgling committee of the Willows (Sale) WI… We were so excited to at last be ready to officially sign-up the members of our new group and begin our WI journey together.

The trepidation?

How many people wanted to join us on the journey? Too many? We had had contact with over 300 people during our taster meetings and our proposed venues were not of that size! Too few? What if no one (or hardly anyone!) turned up?

We spent several hours wrestling with the above issues and several others, such as:

  • The WI rules were first come, first served (in person!) so there would have to be a queue What time would people start queuing? Would they bring tents and camp? What if it rained on the queue? “Umbrellas?” we said. “It’s a Rugby Club” said Brad at the Rugby Club, “They can sit in the stands.” Why didn’t we think of that?!
  • What if we had to turn people away – we would need a waiting list.
  • Would we have enough cake? How much cake would be enough? Can you have too much cake? That was one question we could answer beforehand – NO, obviously!
  • And always the awful thought – What if no one comes?

Signing up our membership

In the event, we didn’t need to worry (but oh my goodness, we did!) The queue formed in an orderly fashion (thank you!) and not too early. It didn’t really rain, but it was very windy (sorry!). Much to our relief, the queue was just the right size, not too big and not too small (thank you!) and we signed up 97 people on the night, with a few more added from those who contacted us after the night.


So, we are now FULL and do have a waiting list, but thankfully, we were able to accommodate all those who stood patiently in line on the night. Phew!

The evening’s entertainment

Once we were all in, the Rugby Club bar came into its own, providing us with suitable quantities of Prosecco, mulled wine, gin and anything else we fancied. Tea and coffee were there for the taking and the cake didn’t run out. Phew!

The evening’s activities centred around Christmas crafting, ably led by Janet Plumb, who convinced us that we all have a hidden ability to produce beautiful things (when led gently by the hand and provided with all the component parts ready and waiting for us!). Wendy Bingham’s crafts are shown below.

A Christmas quiz taxed our brains, especially the staff of the registration desk, who failed spectacularly as they did not realise the quiz continued on the other side of the sheet! Maybe others had the same problem, but among the staff on the registration desk was the secretary who had produced and printed said quiz sheets! She will add a PTO next time.

Cheesy Christmas music accompanied proceedings and there was of course, the raffle.

And cake – lots of cake. Thankfully it didn’t run out.


So, thank you all for coming and, hopefully, enjoying yourselves. We are very nearly up and running – the next step is our official inauguration at the January 24th meeting, then we are off on our adventure together.

Looking forward to it!
Secretary (yes, that one – it was me!)

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An evening with Leagrams Organic Dairy

by Marie Dixon

At their social evening on October 25th The Willows WI Sale enjoyed a presentation by Leagrams Organic Dairy – a family run business, specialising in making organic cheeses – a mother and daughter team, who captured the interest and the taste buds of a fascinated audience. Within fifteen minutes with the help of boiling water, some rennet and several very strong smelling cultures, wonderful smooth cheese was produced and various samples were offered to the membership, flavoured with ginger ,onion, and pineapple. As an added feature many cheeses were for sale together with related items.

The evening was run with professional ease and a great deal of humour. And do remember the valuable lesson we learnt… ‘Do not put your cheese in cling film – always silver foil –it preserves the cheese for longer!’