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Leading Ladies

by Marie Dixon

On a lovely sunny evening the Willows WI met for their February rendezvous – with a full house and some new members and several guests – and the promise of ‘exciting ‘cakes – Amanda Brown the speaker discussed her personal journey in search of peace and mantra for life- encouraging the membership to discover theirs and believe in this.

The presentation was linked to interactive groups who were given instructions and guide lines to follow. This was well received by the meeting and questions and answers followed. The ideal in life is to find the positive over the negative and Amanda discussed the value of the word Love asking each group to phrase conversations using the word Love and this was to to a strict timetable e.g. 1min, 30secs.

Amanda –an author and Life Coach has found the value of positive thoughts and she asked the membership to believe in this; on a daily basis perhaps starting the day with a positive calm thought and aiming to continue this.

Confidence featured well in the presentation and it was decided that posture and body language – gesture and movement all suggested the measure of confidence in a person. Group work continued with the phrase ‘I Wish . . to suggest a wish for the future. Members were keen and responsive to the content of the presentation.

The evening finished with a wonderful raffle and the generous additions to the chosen charities – and maybe some ‘Ooom’ chanting and the promise of a peaceful night’s sleep!!! Thank you Amanda.

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